Friday, 29 October 2010

Concept Ideas

Concept Ideas

Its not finished yet, I might use this as one of my final pieces.

This is one of my ideas for The First Men in The Moon. I was experimenting with different brushes in this drawing.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Thumbnail Drawings 1 - 6

Thumbnail Drawings 1 - 6

The stages of the seed growth mentioned in the book. These will be present in my first concept.

The First Men in The Moon Space Drawing

The First Men in The Moon Space Drawing

The first scene I chose was where it describes a crater with snow and a texture like floor with seeds that emerge and grow.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Inspirational Concept Art

Inspirational Concept Art

Here is some Concept art from some of my favorite games and films that are most relevant to my project.

Star Trek 2010. Vulcan Capital.

Mass Effect. Citadel.

Mass Effect 2. Arrival on Aeia.

Dead Space. Engine Room. 
Dead Space. Artifact.

Images of the Moon

Images of The Moon

I have been looking at photographs of the Moon or Lunar which is what its real name is and to get to know what its surface is like.

The crater Copernicus taken by the Hubble space telescope.
Apollo 16 Mission

The moon in reality is a baron world with no atmosphere, full of craters and very gray in colour. This is nothing like the moon portrayed in the book The First Men in The Moon. The book mentions a blue sky with snow and plant life on the surface. Though there are still some of its elements described in the book like the craters and some gray colour. 

The First Men in The Moon

The First Men in The Moon

This was my random folder that I got, The First Men in The Moon. Its about the first men that landed on the moon, not the Americans we know that first got there, but before them and they were from England. The moon is seen as a place with plant life on its surface and alien life under the ground.

I watched the 1964 film version of The First Men in The Moon and noticed some interesting landscapes such as the hive like dome inside a crater and the crystalline forms growing under ground.

No doubt the film is completely different to the book as there was no plant life growing on the surface in the film, but was mentioned in the book.


Metropolis Review

My Review on Metropolis

This film portrays a world where man has built an enormous city where machines are what keep it going. If these machines die so does the city. The workers that keep these machines alive are constantly tending to them, its as if they are a part of the machines themselves working in a synchronous way with them to stop them from overheating and failing. 'However, the city's magnificence is reliant on slavery. Below ground is an Expressionist nightmare of men and women as machines, driving the city and providing for the wealthy, the slave-masters.' (Film4)

The overall city has been made too look gigantic with tall buildings, multiple bridges for traffic and even small aircraft fly between the skyscrapers. The city its self has an art Deco like theme to it with these large bold machines and tall strait lines are every where. There is no roundness about this film, its all in your face and massive. 'Lang’s film is a mammoth marvel, fusing modernism and expressionism, art deco and Biblical spectacle.' (Time Out) 

Its all about hard labor as the workers work continually for 10 hours managing these machines with no breaks. This could symbolize Germany during WW1 as workers were forced to make artillery and aircraft in factories non stop. 'Workers toil beneath a sky-scraped city in soulless jobs, providing energy for the privileged few above.' (The Detroit News)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Review

My Review on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

If you went into the town with a spirit level everyone would go mad. The buildings were slanted, out of proportion and looked as if they could collapse if anyone entered them. 'Murderous mayhem and pursuit ensues in a cock-eyed artificial landscape of over-sized furniture and ill-formed spiky trees where everything tends towards spirals and spider webs.' (BBC) All these strange buildings were made to look unrealistic and add to the horror theme of the film. There were a lot of triangular shapes seen in this film, noticeable on the buildings and inside them. The sharp angles of these shapes could possibly represent the twisted mind of Dr. Caligari and his murderous assistant Cesare. They could also have the meaning of a  sharp pointed knife which was the chosen weapon of Cesare. 'With its sharp angles and distorted shapes Expressionism--like Cubism and other Modernistic art--strives to impose emotional content on the objects portrayed. Thus, weird angles may suggest deranged minds.' (Old School Reviews) 

This film had a very doom and gloom look to it with white dead like faces and dark make up used. This film was made just after WW1 in Germany. Germany used the gloomy traits of war in their film to create this dark and twisted feel. 'The story is a classic sampling of expressionist paranoia about a hypnotist who uses a somnambulist to do his murders, full of the gloom and fear that prevailed in Germany as it emerged from WWI.' (Time Out London)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Maya Desk Scene

Desk Scene

I didn't add anything here, I just rendered it.

I added the fan, pen, dice, magnifying glass, poker chips and bottle and glass.

Maya Bottle and Glass

Bottle and Glass

The label I created myself from scratch. I used a photograph of one of my pet fish to aid in the design.

  Blue wine bottle and glass.

Light blue wine bottle and glass.

Maya Poker Chips

Poker Chips

I really like these, they have come out better than I imagined.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Final Hybrid Design

Final Hybrid Design

Its getting there, I find drawing using the tablet a little hard.

I added a background and done more shading.

Hybrid Design

Hybrid Design

 This was going to be my final piece, but I don't like the way it was turning out.

Maya Common Shaders

Common Shaders

Model and props courtesy of Tutor Alan Postings. Different shades and colours were used on the models.

 Ceramic Shade.
Plastic Shade.

 Silver Shade.

 Chrome Shade.
Gold Shade.

 Glow Shade.
Glow shade with no background.

 Glass Shade.
I experimented with the different shades and used a phong here.

 I used another phong for this shade.
Metal effect using an anisotropic shade.

 Green metal using another anisotropic shade.
Bronze effect using an anisotropic shade.