Friday, 10 August 2012

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Aquatic Creatures Research

A look at strangely shaped fish and other aquatic creatures

Flowerhorn Cichlid

Red Rainbow

Barrel Eye Fish

Portuguese Man of War



I like the body shape of the rainbow fish and the sail on the Portuguese man of war, especially this creature as it is very alien looking in its self with those tentacles. The barrel eye fish is what I had in mind for the translucent membrane with the eyes sunken into its head.

Basic Shapes

Exploring some basic shapes for the alien body structure.

Alien Design

To keep myself busy I have decided to create an alien creature design and perhaps designs of it's home planet and space craft.

Creature info;

Home Planet
A desert like world with pools of water and no plant life, only clusters of algae grow here. The planet is also covered in a fabricated cybernetic growth that is most abundant near its source of factory like structures and reservoirs.

The intelligent life forms are cybernetic, using machine parts to improve their organic forms. They are hostile and will kill any intruders on their planet, or enslave and alter them to suit their needs. They are capable of space travel, which their ships are also part organic. They will seek out advanced races just so they can harvest them to use as food, parts and create soldiers for their own armies. They are continually searching for a way to make their ships capable of jumping through other dimensions so they can harvest more species, becoming more powerful and unstoppable.

Fish like body, no limbs used for locomotion. The creature hovers above the ground and moves about like this. The eyes are inside the head covered by a protective membrane and the cybernetics are clean and clinical. All the alien’s sensors are situated at the front of the body.