Sunday, 14 November 2010

Barbarella Review

My Review on Barbarella

What were they smoking when making this film? Its a crude and sex obsessive over the top film. The film has an avant garde theme to it and pushes its boundaries with the idea of Barbarella having sex with everyone just to save the galaxy.  This obsession with sex is mentioned by Renata Adler in their 1968 review on The New York Times. 'There are sex machines, and sex pills and even a sex hookah . . . in which a young man swims about while vampirish women lie there, breathing essence of man.' (The New York Times)

Its psychedelic look with hideous outfits and over the top use of synthetic fur just makes this film ugly, as Almar Haflidason agrees in their review on BBC 'As with many movie glimpses into the future we can look forward to losing all fashion sense and embracing synthetic fibres with a vengeance.' (BBC) On the other hand Kim Newman disagrees and praises the dress sense in this film in their review on Empire 'She wears (and unwears) a succession of truly amazing fashion creations with all the confidence of a generation that thought sex was, above all, fun.' (Empire) 

This movie is based on a comic strip as mentioned in the review on TV Guide 'Primarily silly piece of sci-fi sexploitation based on the adult comic-strip created by French artist Jean-Claude Forest.' (TV Guide) The sets in this film are the only thing that makes it interesting to watch, as mentioned by Haflidason's review 'But these are only snatches of a nutty film that boasts at times beautiful photography of some cheap but truly epic sets of PVC and everything that clings.' (BBC)


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