Tuesday, 1 May 2012

About Butch Auntie

For my work experience I have been assigned to work on a secret project for Butch Auntie.
Butch Auntie specialize in live visual events where elaborate images are projected onto buildings, private parties and night clubs. Butch Auntie is run by Pete Wallace and is based in London, and started out with just music events that eventually became both audio and a visual company. Here are some examples of their works;

The Tabernacle 
South Kensington

Arcadia Stage

Warehouse Funhouse
North London

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  1. Hi Katy - really pleased you're getting to up-to-speed; sorry for the mix-up; it was an email thing, but I was really keen that you get the opportunity - so embrace it, it's going to be a very different way of working, and have fun!