Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Final Storyline

1st Act
Starts of with an external view of an artery, then enters the artery to see blood cells rushing through it. Bacteria enter the scene and continue to flow with the blood cells. They are rushing through the artery like some roller coaster ride and eventually enter a lymph node.

2nd Act
The bacteria lurk about inside the lymph node looking for unsuspecting cells to damage. They are seen passing many B cells, which ignore them. Only the antigen matching B cells can catch them. The bacteria continue to swim pass them until they start to get captured by the matching B cells one by one. The B cells absorb the bacteria and expose the bacteria's antigen on their membrane surface and wait for further instruction.

3rd Act
T cells come along and begin activating the B cells by communicating physically and chemically to them. After the T cell has finished the B cell starts to divide into memory B cells and Plasma cells. The Plasma cells start releasing their antibodies, which seek out the bacteria in the lymph node and the rest of the body.

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