Saturday, 14 May 2011

Main Points For Voice Over

  • Artery is shown
  • Bacteria enter the scene
  • They flow with the blood
  • Their journey leads to a lymph node
  • Within the lymph node the bacteria are seen entering from the artery
  • Bacteria search for cells to damage
  • B cells are seen sitting below the bacteria and attached to the strands
  • Bacteria push the B cells about 
  • B cells ignore them until one is a match to the bacteria
  • Our bacterium that we have been following is joined by another, and swim together
  • Our bacterium's mate is captured
  • Our bacterium swims off only yo get captured itself
  • B cell pulls bacterium in and absorbs it
  • Antigens from the bacterium are moved to the surface of the B cell
  • B cell waits and calls to a T cell
  • T cells awaken
  • T cells move to aid B cells
  • B cells and T cell come together
  • T cell begins touching the B cell and starts to communicate with it
  • B cell and T cell connect receptors
  • T cell swims off
  • B cell starts to divide 
  • Memory B cells and plasma cells are produced
  • Plasma cell is seen releasing antibodies
  • Antibodies stick to the bacteria
  • A swarm of antibodies leaves the lymph node.


  1. Okay - when you've worked these up into a monologue/voice track - email me it at and I'll take a look - and then you should email Peter Klappa your script too to ensure accuracy.

  2. Hi Katy - sorry to hear you were unwell today. In terms of the briefing for the summer project, you'll find the brief in the myUCA commission unit under unit materials; scroll all the way down until you find the artwork for the 1>2 competition brief. You'll find the brief inside the folder plus a collection of number 'soundscape tracks'. Your classmates picked a soundscape at random - and I got Jono to pick one on your behalf. Your soundscape is number 18 - have a listen and read the brief; any questions, let me know.