Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Render of Bacteria

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  1. Hey Katy - you're steaming ahead, but I do have a couple of observations to make in terms of texturing and colour; right now, you have a very graphical, almost comic book aesthetic - which has merit - but there does seem to be an art direction gap between your concept art and the very organic, textural stuff you generated there - and this much more 'man-made' look. I'm just wondering if you could bring some of that more painterly, textural quality back into the overall look of this bacterium (and whatever else you produce), For example, where one element joins another feels very clinical - like a snap-together plastic toy; wouldn't every component share a sort of 'family resemblance' - for example, the texture you've got on the main body - wouldn't that blend and merge with the spikes/tentacles. Right now, it looks very sci-fi/spaceship, when the strengths of your concept art suggested a more fibrous, tactile feel... maybe just a more blended approach to the colours/textures?