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Review of Akira

Review of Akira (1988)


Before Akira became a film it was first a series of Manga comics and due to its popularity it eventually became available to the rest of the world then later was turned into a film, which Howard Anderson expresses in a review. 'The Manga "Akira", written by Katsuhiro Otomo, was first published in 1982 in Young Magazine, and due to its enormous popularity, it was later reprinted in 6 large volumes for the insatiable populace of not only Japan, but the rest of the world.' (Anderson, 2001) 


The comic had many thousands of pages which had to be made into a 124 minute film, which used double the amount of cells normally used for an animated feature film, making Akira's attention to detail stunning an intricate such as there is always something happening in the background at any given moment. Dan Price agrees in a review. 'The original comic consisted of over 2000 pages of artwork. And the film itself used over 450,000 cells in the animation, adopting a brand new method where double the normal amount of cells are used, giving the amazing crisp look to it.' (Price, 2009) At no point did the film use any computer generated images,  it was all hand drawn, as explained by Kim Newman. 'It's all wrapped up in director Katsuhiro Otomois scintillating animated visuals, with not one -not one- computer-assisted shot in sight.' (Newman, 2007)

Neo Tokyo

List of Illustrations

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