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Review of Paprika

Review of Paprika (2006)


This strange film is based on the novel Paprika and emits a symbolism about the misuse of technology and just how dangerous it can be in the wrong hands which tends to theme and point towards the Hiroshima attacks, as Robert Roten mentions in a review. 'The Japanese animated film, written and directed by Satoshi Kon ("Tokyo Godfathers") is based on the novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. The film's theme is common to many science fiction stories. It is about the misuse of technology, a subject very close to the Japanese soul (think Hiroshima and Nagasaki).' (Roten, 2007) 

Frogs on Parade

Its a complex film to watch and even portrays a Freudian connection with reality and dreams merging making it hard to tell them apart, which is quoted by David Denby. 'Set in a business world of long white corridors and glass walls and research labs,it's a Freudian-Jungian-Felliniesque sci-fi thriller, and an outright challenge to American viewers, who may, in the face of its whirligig complexity, feel almost pea-brained.' (Denby, 2011) With its bright colours the film gives out a message that we have an alternate and unaware life hidden within dreams, described by Dennis Schwartz in a review. 'If you can believe, in this film, the villains fight to preserve the sanctity of dreams. The filmmaker relates psychological terrorism to the blindness of living an unaware life of one's inner being.' (Schwartz, 2007)


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