Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rough Story Ideas

Rough Story Ideas
Recap on Items: 
Pole Vaulter (Character)
Parcel Tape (Object)
Beach (Environment)

The place where this is could be is The Galapagos Islands, more specific Fernandina Island. 
The species of character could be either a Flightless Cormorant or Marine Iguana, They are indigenous to this island and are found on the beach.
If character is the cormorant:

Character is just of the coast in his boat fishing with his taped together fishing rod and a large wave pushes his boat into some rocks and smashes it. His pile of fish is thrown into a rock pool surrounded by impossible to climb rocks. Using pieces of the smashed boat and tape he finds, which was used to tape the fishing rod. He makes a pole to use to get to the fish.
If character is the iguana:

Iguana being cold blooded must find a sun spot to warm up, which is high up on a ledge surrounded by rocks on the beach. He notices an old shipwreck with debris and wood floating in the water. He uses a piece wood to use as a pole vault to get to the sun spot. His pole snaps when he attempts to get there. A box is floating in the water from the shipwreck, by which he uses the tape used to keep the box together for mending his pole. He tries again and makes it. This story could apply to the cormorant as well if it was a rock pool full of fish surrounded by high rocks instead of a high ledge.
I prefer the iguana story more.    

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