Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Story Revised

Story Revised

Character is cold and must find somewhere to warm up. He notices a high ledge on the beach that is catching the Sun's rays. This ledge is steep and impossible to climb up. There is also a shipwreck half on the beach with wood and debris floating in the water.

With no way to climb up the ledge he uses a piece of wood from the shipwreck to use as a pole vault. On the first attempt to get to the ledge his pole snaps. Frustrated and feeling defeated he returns to the shipwreck to search for more debris to help him reach his goal.

He spots a floating cardboard box that has come from the shipwreck. He enters the water to approach it, when a shark jumps up and nearly grabs him. Just escaping with his life, the iguana makes it to the shore. The shark disappears back under the water to lay in wait for him. The character throws stones in the water on the opposite side of the shipwreck to distract the shark. The shark pops its head up and the iguana throws a stone at him, which dazes him. The iguana quickly jumps in the water to grab the box, and then the shark appears from behind him and chases him to the shore and nearly beaches itself. Now safe he uses the tape that is holding the box together to repair his pole vault. He tries again to reach his goal and makes it. Feeling happy he can now warm up in the sun. 

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