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Review on Persepolis

Review on Persepolis (2007)


This animated film is based on the comics by artist Marjane Satrapi which Peter Bradshaw describes in detail in a review on 'Superbly elegant and simple, it is based on the comic-book series by the Franco-Iranian artist Marjane Satrapi, a coming-of-age story that I can only describe as an auto-graphic-novelography.' (Bradshaw, 2008) With its black and white imagery it not only depicts the suffering of Iran, but brings some light on the situation by introducing some humor into parts of its narration. This is further explained by reviewer Thomas Caldwell. 'While Persepolis mourns the suffering of the Iranian people under the various oppressive political regimes, it is also a joyful depiction of how life goes on. Satrapi is a wonderfully impulsive free spirit and many of her experiences in Tehran and Vienna are very funny.' (Caldwell, 2008)


The film shows that in a world full of strict rules and almost no free will to do as people please, there is a glint of individuality and rebellion, as Tom Charity mentions is a review. 'As it goes on, this becomes a story about conformity and individualism, and it's worth noting that Marjane is both readily recognizable - and more of an individualist - than a lip-service rebel like "Juno's Juno MacGuff.' (Charity, 2008)


List of Illustrations

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