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Review on Waltz with Bashir

Review on Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Waltz with Bashir

The film; Waltz with Bashir is in the style of an animated documentary, which recreates the stories of the first Lebanese war and the 1982 horrific slaughter of the Palestinian civilians. Ari Folman made this film by using live actors which were hand drawn to create the animation. Kim Voynar further explains Folmans technique in their review from Moviefone.com. 'Folman made the film by first filming the 90-page script with live actors, and then having animators recreate the stories with remarkably vivid hand-drawn animations that capture both the memories and events being discussed in a way that simultaneosly illustrates the horrors of war, while making its stories more accessible.' (Voynar, 2008) 

War Torn City

Making a film like this animated instead of using live action leaves room for more creativity and to show audiences what this horrific war was like as well as to remain anonymous while contributing to the voice acting if their actors desired it. These details are mentioned more by Michael Edwards from a review. 'Firstly, animating interviewees offers the possibility at least of a certain level of detachment, if not complete anonymity if so desired. Secondly, when the subject material is as personal and internal as in this case it offers an amazing amount of creative freedom.' (Edwards, 2008) By making this documentary Folman portrays some of the stories of people and shows us what it was like to live during this war and its brutality towards its civilians, which Ben Kenigsberg emphasis on in a review from Timeout.com. 'All of Folman's friends emphasize their own pieces of the puzzle, and the movie seems strategically designed to move closer to civilians as it progresses.' (Kenigsberg,  2009)  

Chaos and Destruction

List of Illustrations

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