Saturday, 8 October 2011

Research For the Hero

Bikers; Leather jackets, freedom on the open road, rogue like

Punk; Similar dress sense to bikers, leather jackets, crazy hair styles, rogue like


The commonly used motor cycles that bikers use are Harley Davidson's. They are very fond of their bikes and often customize them.

The logo for Harley Davidson is commonly seen with an eagle, more specifically a bald eagle. To bikers the wings symbolize freedom on the open road.


Bald Eagle
The bald eagle is an American symbol of freedom and used as logos, tattoos and patches in biker culture. My hero is going to have bald eagle traits, such as a beak and feathers. He will still remain humanoid and have no wings, only eagle facial features.       

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  1. Nice idea, Katy. And coincidentally, that head crest looks like it could be punked up a little more...