Monday, 10 October 2011

Review on The Best Worst Movie

Review on The Best Worst Movie

Best Worst Movie

This documentary describes a culture that surrounds a very bad film, Troll 2. When Troll 2 was released it had the lowest ratings of any movie, it was that bad to watch, as described by Roger Ebert in a review on Chicago Sun-Times. 'Yes, "Troll 2" has a coveted zero percent rating on the Tomatometer: the lowest-rated film ever made. A critic could become the most-hated person in fan circles by awarding it even a star and spoiling the perfection of that zero' (Ebert, 2010) So why is it that 20 years later this film has grown in popularity and formed a cult around it? This could be due to its unique style and despite being very low budget the director and actors put all of their effort into making this film. The film is also funny and entertaining to watch which allows groups of people to get together and enjoy it more as they can laugh out loud amongst friends and meet new people in this way, thus forming a cult around this film. Its entertainment value is explained by Sam Adams in a review. 'Troll 2 offers plenty to laugh at, intentionally funny and (especially) otherwise. Start with the fact, title notwithstanding, the movie contains precisely zero trolls, and has nothing to do with its ostensible prequel. Or that the goblins - there are, at least, plenty of them - are vegetarians, and in order to eat people they must first convince them to eat green-tinged food that turns them into human-plant hybrids.' (Adams, 2010)

Troll 2

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    It's just great to see you structuring your reviews this way - when I think back to the very first reviews you did, and how much you've grown in confidence in terms of critical writing and building arguments, well, I'm just really pleased!