Thursday, 10 March 2011

Chosen Story Idea

Chosen Story Idea


The character which is a tuba starts of in a recycle bottle bank filled with empty and part empty bear and wine glass bottles. The tuba being a little rusty with a garbage and drunk look manages to get out the bottle bank onto the street. He spots an orchestral house, then looks at his rusty self then back at the orchestral house. He hopes to get in there.

He starts heading in that direction with an awkwardly drunk walk, but stops and hides quickly behind a garbage bin as he spots a road sweeper coming along the road cleaning up rubbish. As soon as the sweeper disappears round the corner the tuba comes out of hiding and continues on his way to the orchestral house in a drunken manner.

Due to being drunk and loud he is unaware that he has attracted the attention of the road sweeper which is coming towards him from behind. The sweeper nearly catches him, but the tuba manages to escape and makes an erratic run for the building with the sweeper chasing him. He makes it to the building safe from the sweeper. He starts to walk towards the entrance and misses the door and hits the wall due to him being drunk.


Tuba starts in a bottle bank, finishes outside an orchestral house. His goal is to get to it despite being drunk and chased about.

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