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Review on Norman McLaren

Review on Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren

Norma McLaren was one of the most significant film makers of war time Britain. His work consisted of elaborate colours, and some with erratic animations. He made art into animation and also inspired his colleges to experiment more with new forms of techniques, as explained by Marcel Jean on 'A tireless innovator, he perceived animation filmmakers as artisans who, much like artists in their studios, control every step of the production of their films. Consequently, McLaren set an example for his colleagues, motivating them to develop their own tools and experiment with new techniques.' (Jean, 2006) Although being British his work was first seen by Canadians and viewed as being unique and original. This is mentioned by Robert Koehler on 'From an animation filmmaker who was first seen by Canadians (many in rural cinemas) as providing amusing bits of relief during billings of NFB documentary features and featurettes, McLaren has now been officially canonized.' (Koehler, 2010) One of McLaren's work named Begone Dull Care features bright flashing colours and scratched lines that appear to flow with the music. This animation works well with the music as it is structured to look as if it symbolizes the musical instruments played with faster notes making the animation faster and higher pitched notes making the animation tall and stretched and so forth. Paul Melancon mentions this on 'Begone Dull Care is a carefully structured work. It demonstrates how animation techniques offer the rare possibility to experiment with film’s basic elements: lines, movement, colour, texture and visual rhythm.' (Melancon, 2011)

 Begone Dull Care

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