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Review on Winsor McCay

Review on Winsor McCay

 Winsor McCay.

Winsor McCay started drawing at a young age and at the age of 13 was drawing detailed images, as mentioned on bpib.com. 'He was raised in Michigan, where he commenced drawing at a prodigiously early age. And never stopped. At the age of 13 he drew a picture of shipwreck on the school blackboard and it was photographed and copies sold. His attention to (and memory of) detail was amazing. Winsor McCay, the boy, loved to draw and was very good at it.' (bpib, 2000) McCay had spent most of his time working on cartoons, with some of the shorter ones taking up to a year to finish, as explained on digitalmediafx.com. 'McCay animated his films almost single-handed; from inception to execution each cartoon was his and his alone. He took the time to make his films unique artistic visions, sometimes spending more than a year to make a single five-minute cartoon.' (digitalmediafx, 2008) 

 How a Mosquito Operates.

 Gertie the Dinosaur.

In 1918 McCay had produced an animation called; The Sinking of The Lusitania. Unlike his previous cartoons, this one was more realistic and strayed from that cartoon feel intentionally, as explained by Dan North on drnorth.wordpress.com. 'In The Sinking of the Lusitania, McCay continues to ground his animation within a realist framework, but in this case he wants to efface the superreal aspects of the medium as much as possible. He wants his film to stand as a dramatic reconstruction of the sinking, and he takes great care over the details of the ships massive weight being penetrated by an explosive force that almost overwhelms the image itself, but it never slides into abstraction: the aim is to stop the ship looking “cartoony”, and to convey a sense of palpable destruction.' (North, 2009) 

 The Sinking of the Lusitania.
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