Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Story Ideas

Rough Story Ideas

First Idea

Characters starts out in a pub sitting on a stall, slouched over bar. A drink slides in from right side and hits him. Startled he wakes up and falls off the stall. He gets up and struggles to the door, falling over a few times in the progress. He exits the door onto the street. Walks down the street and eventually falls down in the road.

Second Idea

Character starts of in a bottle bank, then escapes it and walks from it with a drunken walk. Character stops to spot an orchestral house. He looks at his rusty self then at the orchestral house, and hopes to get there. He starts heading in that direction awkwardly drunk, but stops and quickly hides as he spots a road sweeper coming down the road cleaning up rubbish. After the sweeper disappears round a corner the character comes out of hiding and heads towards the building in his drunk fashion. Due to being drunk and loud he is unaware that the sweeper is coming towards him from behind. The sweeper nearly catches him, but the character manages to escape and makes an erratic run for the building with the sweeper chasing him. He makes it to the building safe from the sweeper. He starts to walk towards the entrance and misses the door and hits the wall due to him being drunk.   

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