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Review on Walt Disney

Review on Walt Disney

Walt Disney Pictures

The company started in 1923 in a small office where they started to produce animation. After doing well they acquired more staff and moved to bigger facilities. Eventually they were constructing a bigger studio where many famous characters were born, as mention on studioservices.go.com. 'Construction began on the new studio shortly thereafter. During the next 14 years, many changes took place at the Disney studio: Mickey Mouse was "born" in 1928, followed by Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and the rest of the Disney gang.' (Studioservices, 2011) 


In 1940 Disney produced an animation called Fantasia, a blend of different short animations rolled into one. The sound track is made up of entirely music with little to no sound effects at all. With this animation Disney experimented with new and different techniques to get the desired effect in the film, as explained by Roger Ebert on Chicago Sun-Times. 'The artists experimented for weeks with the fairy sequence, and eventually used a whole arsenal of techniques to get the desired effects: not only straightforward drawing and traditional animation, but foreground and background matte paintings, gels, trick dissolves, multilayered paintings and other special effects. The effortless magic of the sequence hardly suggests the painstaking work that went into it.' (Ebert, 1990) Later in 1999 Disney made Fantasia 2000, which included CGI scenes. This works well in some of the stories shown, as mentioned on timeout.com. 'A CGI combination of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier' and's 'Piano Concerto No 2' also works quite well, with a nasty jack-in-the-box providing welcome villainy. And so it veers on, culminating in Stravinsky's 'Firebird Suite', and a spritely allegory about the renewal of nature.' (Timeout.com, 2011) 

 Fantasia 2000

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